I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.





  1. Shout Out Louds – Burn
  2. Savoire Adore – Sparrow
  3. Hungry Kids of Hungary – Wasting Away
  4. Camera Obscura – Do It Again
  5. She & Him – I Could’ve Been Your Girl
  6. Jens Lekman – That’s The Way Love Is
  7. Vampire Weekend – Step
  8. Poor Moon – Same Way





  whoiszelda wrote @

Good choice of eight songs. I’ve been following your music picks for years since my friend, Marie, introduced me to your tumblr. Never disappoints 🙂

  khangaroospouch wrote @

Holy shit! That’s so awesome! Yeah, Marie (my evil cousin) knows I’m all about music and people who love music so she’s mentioned you a couple times. Very cool that you’ve been diggin’ the tunes all these years 🙂

I’m geekin’ out right now 😀

  whoiszelda wrote @

Haha, she never mentioned you were cousins! I just remember her telling me about your tumblr & said that I’d probably like a lot of the music you had. Which, btw, I do! Same great taste hehe


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