I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.



 I’ve been in a weird music funk as of lately and haven’t been able to listen to anything else aside from Lana Del Rey, Perfume Genius and Porcelain Raft. I figured it was time to shake it off because A) I don’t want to be sick of any of these three records as the year progresses and B) there’s been a shitload of amazing leaks and releases that I was/have not been listening to (this also applies to the bands/musicians that have been e-mailing me. I’m trying to think of a better and easier way for your content to get heard through this website as I have not been checking my e-mails as consistently as I should be- I sincerely and regrettably apologize for that). I was working on another one at the wee-early hours of this morning but I decided to go for a different sound/mood. Like the previous mixtape I compiled back in January (Light-headed), this one continues on with the alternative/indie genre and contains some bands that I haven’t been listened to since summer so there’s a blend of tracks from 2011 and 2012 (as it should be). Listening to the other three records have kept me at a standstill- personally, physically and musically, so it’s nice to be able to move around and bob my head side-to-side rather than curling up in a ball with my layers of blanket hovering over me. With that being said (or typed), I hope you guys enjoy it.

(On another note, there’s still a lot of music that I have yet placed onto a mixtape but I think the next one will be more upbeat and electronic/funk/not mellow or moody. It might be moody but, it’ll be the good kind.)



  1. PS I Love You – Notes and Stuff
  2. Tennis – It All Feels The Same
  3. Toy Horses – No One’s Ever Gonna Leave You
  4. Shearwater – Immaculate
  5. Bears – From Good to Bad
  6. Ben Lee – Get Used to It
  7. Army Navy – Feathered
  8. Veronica Falls – The Fountain
  9. Weird Dreams – Velvet Morning
  10. Real Estate – Municipality
  11. His Clancyness – Carve a Peach
  12. Perfume Genius – Take Me Home
  13. Bombay Bicycle Club – Favourite Day
  14. Girls – My Ma
  15. The Maccabees – Feel to Follow
  16. The Cranberries – Tomorrow
  17. Arkells – Book Club
  18. Wild Nothing – Nowhere
  19. Big Troubles – She Smiles for Pictures
  20. Grouplove – Lovely Cup
  21. Razika – Youth
  22. Ben Kweller – You Can Count On Me
  23. Islands – Hallways
  24. Dr. Dog – Do the Trick
  25. Magnet – Together


“For I have grown weary on my own.”


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