I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.



I had trouble sleeping last night so, naturally, I compiled yet another mixtape. The one posted yesterday (Light-headed) was more centered on the alternative/indie genres and the songs were, in general, much easier to listen to. Vortex runs for about an hour and fifty-one fifty nine minutes and is a fuse of songs that I’ve been wanting to put onto a mix but never really “fit” in with the others; this one’s more experimental and some songs may require a second listen, depending on the mood you’re in.  So, if you’re feeling musically adventurous and patient today, give this a spin.



  1. Deportees – A New Name to Go By
  2. François And The Atlas Mountains – Bail Eternal
  3. Misophone – Song from an Attic
  4. Phantom Vibration – Retinas
  5. Austra – Crying
  6. Porcelain Raft – The Way In
  7. Still Corners – The Twilight Hour
  8. Blouse – Roses
  9. Nurses – Fever Dreams
  10. Vinyl Williams – Object of the Source
  11. Observer Drift – Colored My Heart Red
  12. Lower Dens – Brains
  13. Magnet – Reprizer
  14. Niki & The Dove – Last Night
  15. Tanlines – Brothers
  16. Keepaway – Hologram
  17. Grimes – Genesis
  18. Future Islands – Where I Found You
  19. M83 – Klaus I Love You
  20. Active Child – High Priestess
  21. The Big Pink – 77
  22. Tycho – Ascension
  23. Laurel Halo – Constant Index
  24. Le Chevalier – Fields
  25. Trailer Trash Tracys – Dies in 55
  26. Warm Ghost – Once One
  27. James Blake – We Might Feel Unsound
  28. Astrid Swan – Gold Soundz
  29. Chairlift – Guilty As Charged
  30. Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races


“Ready for it.”


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