I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.



Life seems like it’s been on fast-forward these past couple of months and it’s hard to believe that we are already eleven days in November. Sometimes a moment to pause is needed; so, before the fall ends, take time to explore, crunch the golden leaves underneath your shoes, shield yourself from the persistent wind and, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy.



  1. The 1900s – Jean Demon
  2. ROSTAM – Wood
  3. Deportees – Future Shocks
  4. Akron/Family – Island
  5. Xylos – Wrapped in a Page
  6. Gotye – Bronte
  7. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
  8. Young Man – Felt
  9. Fleet Foxes – Blue Spotted Tail
  10. The Paper Kites – Willow Tree March
  11. Andy Ulseth – I’m Still so Alive
  12. Alden Penner – The Fountain of Living
  13. Crystal Fighters – Plage (Acoustic Version)
  14. Alcoholic Faith Missions – Running with Insanity
  15. Serenades – Oceans
  16. Beirut – East Harlem
  17. Jens Lekman – Waiting for Kirsten
  18. Wet Wings – Last Day of Summer
  19. Warm Weather – I Only Know
  20. Cashier No.9 – Lost at Sea
  21. The Jezabels – Rosebud
  22. Florence + The Machine – Breaking Down


A soundtrack for the fallen leaves.


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