I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.



“Sky” shares a similar tracklist of artists and sounds that were featured on “Slow Dance.” As the summer season tides in, the simple melodies and subtle instrumentation on this comfortably mellow mixtape has made the transition from summer to fall much easier to accept; hopefully, it will have the same effect on other listeners as it has for me.


  1. Young Man – Enough
  2. Erland & The Carnival – Deep In Love
  3. Amen Dunes – Swim Up Behind Me
  4. Vanessa Carlton – Hear the Bells
  5. House of Wolves – Acres of Fire
  6. Memory Tapes – Musicbox(out)
  7. Ela Orelans – Tides and Shadows
  8. Cat’s Eyes – I Knew it was Over
  9. Beirut – Goshen
  10. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – Glimpse
  11. Delay Trees – Songs
  12. Gold Leaves – Cruel & Kind
  13. Fleet Foxes – The Cascades
  14. Release the Sunbird – Best Thing for Me
  15. Howth – Hecksher Field #3
  16. Snow Caps – Hope and Silence
  17. Liam Finn – Little Words
  18. Solander – Huckleberry Finn
  19. The Retuses – Insterburg
  20. Loney Dear – Calm Down
  21. Mathieu Santos – I’d Go
  22. My Friend Wallis – On a Whim
  23. Ryan Trott – Vacation Song
  24. Sam Duckworth – Miracle of Science
  25. Florence + The Machine – What the Water Gave Me


The lowest high.


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