I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.


Side By Side plays as if it was a continuation of the the previous mixtape, Soundscape. Soft melodies continue to influence the song choices lately and it’s most likely due to my ongoing insomniac behavior. Intended to  be a compilation, of what I would refer to as lullabies, this mixtape is for those that have the desire to sleep and, ironically, for the sleepless.

  1. Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness
  2. The Bilinda Butchers – Boyfriend
  3. Palpitation – New Mexico
  4. Idiot Glee – Deep Descent
  5. Pure X – Surface
  6. Arrange – Tiny Little Boy
  7. John Maus – Hey Moon
  8. Memory Tapes – Yes I Know
  9. Gods As Horses – Unwritten Chain
  10. WIM – See You Hurry
  11. Perfume Genius – No Problem
  12. Memoryhouse – Modern Normal
  13. Washed Out – A Dedication
  14. Le Chevalier – Duple
  15. Panda Bear – Benfica
  16. How to Dress Well – Us in the Sense of Forever
  17. Dntel – Aldebaran
  18. Air Drops – Dear Gloria,
  19. Co La – Armen’s Theme (Melting Butter Version)
  20. Blue Hawaii – Lonelyhearts
  21. Spêcial Club (jj) – Celebris
  22. DUDES – Somthin’ 2 Say
  23. Spooky – Hey My Brotha
  24. Soft Metals – Celestial Call


Back and forth.


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