I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.


I’ve compiled a couple of mixtapes this week: “Rock Candy,” which starts off slow with IDIOT GLEE and CULTS but works its way into electronic sounds from FORD & LOPATIN and featured artists like SKAI NINE and BON ACCORD. “Into The Night,” however, is a more indie, lo-fi-like soundtrack with artists like MILK MAID, SEAPONY and GROSS MAGIC.

Out of the three, “Soundscape” is the one most fitting to my musical needs at the moment. Take a listen.


  1. Yuksek – Off The Wall
  2. The Feeling – Another LIfe
  3. Timmy Curran – Nordic Monster
  4. Patrick Wolf – Together
  5. Future Islands – Before the Bridge
  6. Sun Airway – Symphony in White, No. 2
  7. Asobi Seksu – Vicious Bears
  8. Psychic Reality – Fanta
  9. Selebrities – Can’t Make Up My Mind
  10. Birds Escape – Shelter
  11. John Talabot – Families (feat. Glasser)
  12. Soft Metals – Voices
  13. Love Inks – Down and Out
  14. Stand Up Against Heart Crime – Strong
  15. Niki & The Dove – Somebody (Drum Machine Version)
  16. Bluebell – Normal Heights
  17. Fredrik – The Shape and Colour of Things Gone  Blind
  18. Digitalism – Just Gazin’
  19. Washed Out – Amor Fati
  20. Air Drops – Giants of Canaan
  21. John Maus – Keep Pushing On
  22. M.I.A. – Space


Smooth sounds to smother your summer.
(I’ve also included a playlist file so, if you’re not streaming it via 8tracks, it’ll play in the intended order.)

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