I Don't Like Your Mixtapes

Mixtape therapy.



Dream St. is a continuation of the previous So Lo-Fi compilations I put together a couple months ago. Initially, I wanted to include some new tracks from Friendly Fires, Hooray for Earth and Gang Gang Dance but, because of their more complex production and sound, it just wouldn’t have meshed well with the overall theme.

The mixtape’s first half features more rock-oriented lo-fi tracks, starting out with TERRY MALTS and tunes from SHIMMERING STARS and CAT’S EYES. The remaining songs drift into slower melodies from THE RAVEONETTES, PAPERCUTS and, from previously featured artists on the Mecca Lecca label, HOWTH and THE SANCTUARIES.

Simply put, Dream St. is the mixtape for your summer- during the day or night.


  1. Terry Malts – Distracted
  2. We Are Losers – Moany
  3. Girls Names – Bury Me
  4. Times New Vikings – No Room to Live
  5. All Smiles – Trying to Wake You
  6. That Ghost – Here is the Hour
  7. Shimmering Stars – Sun’s Going Down
  8. SASKATCHEW – Dreamboat
  9. Cotton Jones – Place at the End of the Street
  10. Milo Greene – 1957
  11. Cat’s Eyes – Over You
  12. Shoreline Is – French Leave
  13. Wyla – Waiting for the Ghosts
  14. The Raveonettes – Summer Moon
  15. Papercuts – The Messenger
  16. His Clancyness – Ottawa Backfired Soon
  17. Miracle Fortress – Until
  18. The Sanctuaries – Early Bird Returns
  19. The Elected – Born to Love You
  20. Code Pie – Low Devotion
  21. Herzog – Slowest Romance
  22. Howth – The Wind Blows Cold
  23. Monogold – Fossil Clouds
  24. Pterodactyl Plains – Story of Our Youth
  25. Love Inks – In My Dreams


It’s where it will eventually take you.


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